Privacy Policy

Good news everyone!

This website does not make use of cookies or an analytics service: no personal data whatsoever is collected when you view this site. Of course, if you choose to contact me and ask about my services, I will have access to your e-mail address and any other data you send. If you hire me, I am obligated by German taxation laws to keep your name and address on file in the form of an invoice for 10 years after working for you. You may request that I delete any other data (correspondence, the back-up copies of the documents translated) at any time; if you do not do this, it will be automatically deleted after two years.

I will absolutely never use your data for marketing purposes (I mean, you’re reading this, you found me) or pass it on to a third party without your express permission or when required to by law (except my accountant, in accordance with German law I don’t need your permission to provide your data to him, because he’s already under stricter privacy laws than the GDPR anyway. He’s a good guy. You can trust him). Thanks for reading!