This list isn't binding! Although I specialize in the areas below, I have of course translated and proof-read countless texts in other subjects in the years I have studied and worked as a translator. My degree focused heavily on communication, providing me with the tools I need to provide clean, clear, and stylish translations for all purposes, and I am always interested in exploring new fields.


My work as a translator began in 2008, but during that time I also spent 5 years working as a tour guide here in Berlin. As such, I know a great deal about German history, and of course the history of Berlin in particular. During my time as a guide, I learned how to present history and historic knowledge to any and every audience, from children right up to academics or subject specialists. Of course, I also take care to match the tone and style of the text to the target audience.


When it comes to websites (particularly sales oriented websites) simply translating the content is not enough. A direct translation of the source text may not properly convey the nuances of meaning and message on your site. Localization is the answer. I guarantee a translation that will showcase your product while meeting the expectations of English speakers, giving you the best possible chance of success as you move into a new market.


In the realm of advertising and marketing, it is important to understand the English market as intimately as the German. It is my goal to use this knowledge to remain true to the content and message of your marketing strategy and - in close cooperation with yourself - to relay this message in such a way that your target audience will respond exactly as planned.

Technical Translation

My focus in technical translation has always been on instruction manuals and marketing for consumer electronics, marketing and bug reports for software, and instruction manuals for industrial machinery. Technical translation requires a first-class level of precision and clarity, which I am happy to say I have always achieved for my clients. Texts must be both accurate and easy to understand. That is why direct contact with you as well as extensive research are the hallmarks of my technical translations - a combination designed to give you peace of mind.